Professional Awards in Engineering

Each year the J.B. Speed School of Engineering presents professional awards in engineering in Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering and an outstanding young engineer in Bioengineering.

Professional Award in Engineering

Criteria may include:

  • Outstanding career performance in engineering such as a major executive, inventor, educator, in government service, medicine or the humanities.
  • Exceptional efforts by an individual to foster the professional development of young engineering college students.
  • Exceptional ability in the planning and direction of significant and important projects in technical engineering.
  • Exceptional contribution by an individual to technical engineering knowledge.

Outstanding Young Engineer Award

  • Criteria may include:
  • 35 years of age or under at time the award is presented.
  • Progress achieved in industrial/governmental/educational environment since graduation from Speed School, e.g., Chief Engineer; Plant Manager, etc.
  • Number of quality of professional publications and presentations.
  • Leadership in chosen field of engineering such as offices held in professional societies, activities, conference chairmen, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship activities.
  • Leadership in community activities and/or university activities.
  • Number of patents.

Dean Collins congratulates Alumni Fellow Michael Golway

2020 Speed School Fellow

Alumnus Michael Golway

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