Take a spin around the engineering world with us – all from your very own home!

Are you interested in summer camps at Speed School at UofL?  If so, you’ll be interested in completing our Engineering Starts at Home Passport with us this semester.  While we hope to teach you that you can learn about engineering with materials you can find in your house, we also want to help you visit the seven different majors we have at UofL” (maybe show the passport at this time while the team members read the seven majors.  “

Secret Phrase

Complete the projects in the seven videos that are part of the Engineering Starts at Home Passport Series. Listen for and record  the secret phrase on your printed passport, take a photo of it and submit it. If you submit a completed passport with all of the correct secret phrases, you’ll be entered to win a scholarship to one summer camp for the 2021 season!

Watch the Engineering Starts at Home Passport Series now.

Engineering Starts at Home Passport

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    Please upload a photo of your completed passport.