Bioengineering Department Administrator Receives Outstanding Performance Award

May 31, 2022

By Holly Hinson
headshot of Betty Nunn

Betty Nunn

Betty Nunn, Administrative Assistant, Bioengineering, has been given an Outstanding Staff Performance Award for 2022. After graduating with a degree in veterinary sciences, Nunn began her 22-year career at University of Louisville working in animal care, and then ophthalmology research.

A native of Louisville, Nunn started working in Bioengineering for Dr. Andrea Gobin in 2013, who needed her expertise working with eyes to begin research on a new Coulter award. That project has since patented that technology that led to a start-up created by Dr. Martin O’Toole.

She continued in research until late 2019, when she started in the Bioengineering Department as their administrative support. Since then, she has helped to create and manage internal and external projects for recruitment and retention, and teaches the newest bioengineering students about the field in their introductory class. She implemented a career advising program, so students meet with faculty members to learn firsthand what they can do with a bioengineering degree. “The most gratifying part of the job is to work with the students,” said Nunn. “I love that we solve real-world problems.”

The administrative assistant is also able to continue with her love of research with Bioengineering Professor Dr. Patricia Soucy on weekends. She credits the support of Bioengineering Chair Dr. Ayman El-Baz, who has helped her to achieve her goals. “He’s been integral to let me make the position my own, and when he gives me projects trusts me to figure out the details and manage it from there, so that means a lot.”

Nunn said when she found out about her Outstanding Performance award, she was so overwhelmed she had tears in her eyes. “You can be told by your boss that you’ve made the department better, but to actually have faculty take the time to write something, get feedback and ask for individual letters of support from both faculty and students, about the things you’ve had an impact on, that means so much.”