Graduate Funding

Fellowships are one-year awards for doctoral students (from 8/1 – 6/30) that can be renewed for up to 4 years.

Qualified applicants may receive:

  • An annual stipend of $22K
  • Full tuition remission
  • Health insurance

Upon admission, students are automatically considered for fellowships. No additional application is required.

For additional information, contact your department’s Director of Graduate Studies.

Chemical Engineering
Dr. Eric Berson
(502) 852-1567

Civil Engineering
Dr. Zhihui Sun
(502) 852-4583

Computer Science Engineering
Dr. Mehmed Kantardzic
(502) 852-3703

Electrical Engineering
Dr. John Naber
(502) 852-7910

Industrial Engineering
Dr. Lihui Bai
(502) 852-0115

Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Peter Quesada
(502) 852-5981