Kunal Kate

Assoc Professor

Dr. Kate’s research is centered on advancing manufacturing technology such as 3D printing and powder injection molding (PIM) by conducting research on high-performance materials such as ceramics, metals and polymer composites to design and develop products for electronic, defense, medical, aerospace and transportation sectors. Additionally, Dr. Kate strives to train next generation talent about manufacturing technology though the courses he teaches at the University of Louisville and by working, with the support of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Association (MBDA) to assist minority business owners in developing new products with 3D printing, which will allow them to face current competition, increase revenue and deliver products with shorter lead-times to market.  At the University of Louisville, Dr. Kate's research is working  to assist NASA’s Fablab on manufacturing parts for spot repairs in outer space via 3D metal printing and is also working on creating bioplastics from soy hulls with the support of the United Soybean Board.


  • B.E. in Chemical Engr, VIT, Pun University, 2009
  • M.S. in Materials Science, Oregon State University, 2013
  • Ph.D. in Materials Science, Oregon State University, 2015


Printability studies of Ti-6Al-4V by metal fused filament fabrication (MF3)- 2020

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