James Christopher Foreman

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Dr. Foreman has worked approximately 15 years in industry as a control systems engineer for companies including Westinghouse, Cinergy, and Alcoa, in the control of power, water, and manufacturing processes. Dr. Foreman has also taught and performed research in cyber-security of critical infrastructure and power generation for approximately 10 years as a post doctoral scholar and professor with the University of Louisville and Purdue University.


  • PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Louisville, 2008
  • MENG in Electrical Engineering, University of Louisville, 1996
  • BS in Electrical Engineering, University of Louisville, 1990


Development of Wavelength Division Multiplexed Fiber Optic Communication Link. - 1996

The goal of this thesis is to study the development of a finer optic communication link that employs the wavelength division multiplexing method of transmitting multiple channels along a single fiber. It utilizes a four wave mixing process of Coherent Ant-Stokes Raman Active Scattering in a Raman active cladding layer above the guiding layer. Software (FORTRAN code) is developed to simulate waveguide and wave mixing processes as well as propagation down an optical fiber.

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