Engineering Starts at Home

Welcome to the new web series, Engineering Starts at Home, brought to you by the J.B. Speed School Outreach Team at the University of Louisville. Episodes are designed to introduce elementary STEM concepts and engineering disciplines through hands-on activities that require materials usually found around the house.  Join us for some of our favorite things: science, learning, and fun!

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While we hope to teach you that you can learn about engineering with materials you can find in your house, we also want to help you visit the seven different majors we have at UofL.


Learn about Civil Engineering by making a windmill!

Rube Goldberg Machines

Want to put your engineering skills to the test? Make your own Rube Goldberg Machine for Speed School's 2021 E-Expo!

Binary Alphabet Beads

Learn about binary code by spelling words with beads in this St. Patrick's Day-themed activity!

Supply Chains

Find out how supply chains work in this explosive engineering activity!

Walking Water

Discover capillary action through this colorful and fun engineering activity!


Make your very own electromagnet in this engineering activity!

Magic Milk

Check out this fun and easy engineering activity to learn a little bit about the concept of surface tension!