Academic Coaching

Mental Health & Well-Being

Assistance in courses

  • REACH tutoring
  • Tips & tricks
    1. Talk to the instructor and teaching assistant
      How to Speak to Faculty & TAs:

      • Identify how you would like to reach out (email/set up in-person or virtual appointment)
      • Know what you want from the conversation
      • Identify your motivations
      • Follow-up, get documentation
    2. Form a study group
    3. Dissecting your syllabus
      • Where are office hours?
      • What is the grading scale?
      • Will there be a curve?
      • What is the best means of communication?
      • Test/Assignment dates
    4. What to do if you fail a test.
      Assess the situation and what is in your control.

      • Did you go to REACH?
      • Did you study with a friend or in a group?
      • Did you review your test materials?
      • Did you contact your professor?
      • Did you discuss your flight plan with your academic counselor?
    5. Things to remember
      • Having difficulty (personal, academic) is normal in college.
      • If stress is affecting your daily life, REACH OUT to your academic counselor, instructor, and or the counseling center.
      • Course repeats happen, talk to your academic counselor about options.
      • Switching your major is normal. Make sure you try your hardest before you do!

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