Preparing for Speed School

Calculus Preview Program

Register for a four-week intensive program designed specifically to help incoming Speed School students who are enrolled in ENGR ENGR 181, 100, or 101 make the transition to engineering calculus. The Calculus Preview Program is included in the Brown-Forman Engineering Academy.

To-Do’s Before Fall Semester Begins:

  • Review orientation email from academic counselor
  • Sign up for Calculus Preview Program before June 30th
  • Become familiar with:
  • Attend Speed School Welcome Week event. Details to come.
  • Determine whether you will use a planner, app, or other method to manage your time and keep yourself organized
  • Review your schedule and plan to attend ENGRain
  • Send in all AP, IB, and dual credit to UofL.
    *Note: All dual credit must come from a college/university. AP/IB credit must come directly from those organizations – High School transcript alone does not suffice. If you completed any AP or IB exams, send all test scores to UofL using institutional code 1838.

  • Acquire Speed approved tablet
    • Order textbooks
  • Create a plan for tuition, housing, and other expenses:
  • Preview Speed & UofL centers, programs, and student organizations you may want to join