Parents & Supporters

Supporting students

  • How to support a your student if they are struggling with:
    • Course content, studying, or academic performance:
      • Encourage them to speak with their instructor for the course.
      • Ask if they are utilizing REACH for tutoring or other academic support services.
      • Recommend they attend ENGRain
    • Time management, transitioning to college, or having a general concern and isn’t sure where to go?
      • Encourage them to speak with their academic counselor.
      • Recommend they attend ENGRain
      • Recommend they review their syllabus for each class to determine quiz and test dates, deadlines, and other important information for class.
      • Ask if they have reviewed any helpful resources through REACH such as their tips & tools or academic coaching program.
      • Offer any personal strategies you might have as well!
    • Getting connected with peers and others on campus:
      • Encourage them to look at Speed School and UofL organizations they might be interested in joining.
      • Recommend they speak with their academic counselor. Students can locate and schedule an appointment with their advisor through CardSmart.
      • Suggest they form a study group with their peers in class.
    • Stress and mental health:
      • Encourage them to schedule a counseling appointment (counseling appointments book up fast, so be sure to recommend this as soon as possible).
      • If your student is in need of a medical professional, please refer them to Campus Health Services.
      • Recommend they review the resources available through the Health Promotions office such as stress resiliency, flash naps, mindfulness, nutrition, and more.
    • Financial concerns:
    • Course planning and registration:
      • Review registration dates and deadlines with your student
      • Encourage them to schedule their required and/or additional appointments with their academic counselor (students are required to meet with their academic counselor every fall and spring semester prior to being able to register).
  • Questions about supporting your student in their first semester at Speed as they transition to college? JOIN US!

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