Class Scheduling/Registration/Withdraw


  • How to register for a course 
  • Registration Dates
  • Holds
    • ADV hold – must meet with advisor to discuss courses before enrolling
    • BUR hold – must work with bursar’s office to make payment
    • Pre-Reg Hold – complete pre-registration questions on ULink > Task’s Tile > To-Do List
  • Withdraw & Add/Drop
    • Registration and Drop/Add for Continuing, Returning, and Transfer Students (All continuing students are expected to register during the alphabetic rotation period)- Click the link for information on Add/Drop dates for each semester.
    • Students who are interested in withdrawing from a class after the withdraw deadline must submit a Student Affairs Committee (SAC) petition. This petition is recommended for extenuating circumstances where students are wanting to retroactively withdraw from a semester due to personal reasons.