Class Registration and Withdraw


  • How to register for a course 
  • Registration dates
    • Click on link for upcoming registration period.
    • To check your class standing (freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior), go to ULink > Academic Records > View Unofficial Transcript.
      • Freshmen standing = 0-29 earned credit hours
      • Sophomore standing = 30-59 earned credit hours
      • Junior standing = 60-89 earned credit hours
      • Senior standing = 90+ earned credit hours
    • Your registration time is based on the first letter of your last name.
  • Registration holds – To check for holds, navigate to ULink > Tasks
  • Withdraw & Add/Drop Information
    • Check semester calendar for exact dates, noting that half-semester courses have quicker add, drop, and withdraw deadlines.
    • Add a class: For full-term classes, the last day to add a class is generally the last day of the first week of classes. After the add deadline, you will no longer be able to add a class unless it is a second-term or winter term course.
    • Drop a class: The last day to drop a class is the same deadline as adding a class: generally the last day of the first week of classes. After the drop deadline, you are still able to withdraw from a class up until the withdraw deadline. Dropping a class before the drop deadline means there will be no record of the course on your transcript.
    • Withdraw from a class: The last day to withdraw from a class is generally the mid-point of the semester for full-term classes. If you withdraw from a class, you will not earn a grade for the course, thus it will not calculate into your GPA. Your transcript reflects a withdraw by showing a “W” for the course. Talk to your instructor, academic counselor, and the financial aid office before withdrawing from a course.
    • Students who are interested in withdrawing from a class after the withdraw deadline must submit a Student Affairs Committee (SAC) petition. This petition is recommended for extenuating circumstances where students are wanting to retroactively withdraw from a semester due to personal reasons. Contact your academic counselor to discuss the SAC petition