Instructions for Receiving RSO Funding

July 25, 2022

All RSO Funding Request forms should be submitted online. Applications will be reviewed as long as funds are available.

Before you start
This process is setting up a way for the University to provide funding to your student organization. All information should be the same on all official documents.

As all steps and information that we are asking for is tied to the student organization, you must use University addresses and emails that will stay with the student organization. RSOs are allowed a PO Box within the Office of Student Involvement. Do not use personal information as once you graduate the information will be wrong.

When titling accounts and information, do not use UofL, University of Louisville, or another title that makes it appear to be a University run organization. 

Budgeting and Tax Information 
It is imperative that you keep a budget and show a paper trail of the money that comes into your organization. Although though the likelihood of an audit is low, it is good personal and business practice to keep thorough records of all receipts and spending.

If your organization deals with more than $5000 annually, please speak with the Office of Student Involvement.

The Process

Bank Account
In order to get the disbursement of money, the student organization needs to open an outside bank account.

EIN Number
For assistance finding your organization’s EIN number, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at

Vendor Number
After completing the above steps, you will be emailed a request to complete a supplier registration Vendor Number. This Vendor Number is what allows us to access your accounts and all of your information in order to disburse the funds. This needs to be requested only after the bank account and EIN number have been acquired.

RSO Funding Request Form
This is the official document that allows you to agree to our terms and conditions. We will use this document to officially request funding disbursement from the Controller’s Office.

Once you have turned in the RSO Funding Request Form, the Office of Student Success will review and make a decision within 10 business days. The Controller’s Office legally has 30 days to disburse the funds.

Follow Up Form
After funds are disbursed, you will receive a follow up email requesting information on how you utilized the funds and what impact it had for your organization. Failure to complete this form will bar your organization from receiving future funding from the Speed School Student Council & the Speed School Dean’s Office.

Complete the Online RSO Funding Request Form