Competitive Teams

Competitive Teams

Student TeamsFaculty Advisor
Baja SAEDr. Keng Hsu


Concrete CanoeDr. Mark French


DerbyHacksDr.Adrian Lauf


Formula SAEDr.Gary Osborne


Redbird RoboticsDr.Tamer Inanc
River City Rocketry
This team competes in the annual NASA University Student Launch Initiative competition. Teams design, document and build an advanced high powered rocket to reach 5,280 feet altitude while taking a wide array of atmospheric data readings and including custom designed payloads. Last year’s team designed a rocket with an Autonomous Recovery System, set to guide the rocket’s parachute back to a designated home location.
Dr.Yongsheng Lian


This is River City Rocketry

River City Rocketry is a competitive high-powered rocketry team from the University of Louisville. Over the course of ten months each year, this group of engineering students designs, builds, and tests a high-powered rocket for a collegiate-level competition.