Partner & Invest in Industry Research & Innovation

Speed School is ready with cutting-edge expertise in emerging and innovative technologies and the personnel to help transform your business and provide customized training for your workers using our students, faculty and staff.

With successful partnership models with companies including  GE Haier and Kindred Healthcare, Speed School offers creativity and collaboration. From career fairs to executive sponsorships, your company can  invest to ensure Speed School can continue to provide fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • Expand on the Innovative and Emerging Technologies experiences to respond to industry and community needs.
  • Create multiple partnerships and industry collaborative hubs with focus areas building on existing competencies in Speed School.
  • Provide customized training and support for industry and the public sector using students, staff, and faculty.


Industry in all sectors is undergoing a technological and business transformation and Speed School is equipped with the experience and personnel that can help accelerate this transformation.

Focus Areas for Partnership

  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Business Services:
  • Logistics & E-Commerce:
  • Advanced Manufacturing:
  • Food & Beverage

Levels of Engagement

Awareness – Career Fairs, Interviews, Account Managers

Involvement – Industry Affiliates, Co-ops/Interns, Research Grants, Software grants

Support – Curriculum development, ABET, Hardware grants, Student Organization support, Workshops/seminars, guest speakers, philanthropy

Sponsorship – Graduate fellowship, undergraduate research support, university initiatives, collaborative research program, support for proposals,

Strategic Partnership – Executive sponsorships, joint partnership, State education lobbying, major gifts, Business development.

Success Stories

  • In the past 3-years, Speed School had over 30 different industry sponsored industry contracts totaling over $2.5M.
  • GE/Haier created FirstBuild on campus based on co-creation strategy leveraging the engagement of the university of Louisville students and community to accelerate innovation.
  • Kindred Healthcare –Hive is another successful model for Partnership with Speed School that uses a collaborative working model where Speed students and faculty co-work with Kindred employees to create innovative healthcare services and products.

Download the Industry Research & Innovation brochure.