How can we help? This is what we hear over and over from community and industry leaders once they have witnessed the robust culture and engaged students at Speed School of Engineering. They see how much the community’s growth and economy benefit from the skills, leadership  and industry innovation of tomorrow’s engineers, and they want to be a part of it.

Engaging with Speed School of Engineering is a great way to give to that future, and get a healthy return on your investment. We know you want to help, and we want to show you how it will return to you more than you have given.

Engagement. Investment. Partnership. Be a part of it.

Academic & Student Affairs Opportunities

From sponsorship of diversity initiatives, tutoring and mentorship, scholarships or leadership programs,  there are ample ways to make a difference – a difference that makes a difference. Not only in the lives and careers of  young engineers, but in the role they will play in shaping the future of our community and our world.


Capstone Design & Innovation Opportunities

Engaging with a team of talented young engineering minds can lend a fresh perspective to your company’s innovative new project or idea.

Join companies like Innovation Institute, WireCrafters and Zappo’s who have partnered with Speed School capstone students to create cutting-edge projects and products.


Career & Co-op Opportunities

The robust Co-op Program at Speed School has long been a differentiator and a standout. Students have a full year or more with a company to be  mentored by industry engineers and given real-world experience.

Companies who support the Co-op Program tell us they are continually impressed with the Speed School students they employ, the professionalism they exhibit and their solid contributions to the company over the three semesters of co-op.

Top industry leaders often cite mentorship as one of their most important influences in their career journey. Co-op is a win-win for students and companies.

Industry Research & Innovation Opportunities

It’s not nebulous.

What engineers do benefits healthcare, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, environmental science and so much more. They change our world everyday, and research is a critical component of advancing new innovation. Industry and academia can work together at Speed School for collaboration, training and partnership opportunities.