Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, with manufacturing and sales operations in the U.S. and Europe, Lantech is the originator of stretch wrapping technology and the world’s largest manufacturer, with more than 65,000 systems placed worldwide. Lantech products are sold and serviced by a worldwide network of 175 distributor locations.

Lantech builds case handling machines in the Netherlands and stretch wrapping machines in the United States. Their mission is to reduce or eliminate the huge amount of shipping damage that occurs as products make their way from their point of manufacture to their destination.

Founded in 1972, at the peak of an energy crisis, Lantech made an impact on the world by inventing stretch wrapping and sparking a packaging revolution that spread around the globe and changed the way pallets of products are unitized for shipment. Now, billions of pallet loads are stretch wrapped every year. Lantech’s culture of innovation has generated 277 patented inventions to date that helps to eliminate waste in supply chains.

Lantech’s partnership with the Speed School has improved the experiences of the student body, by offering participation in the school’s Engineering Fundamentals panels which provided real-world knowledge in several engineering disciplines. Their partnership with the cooperative education program has accelerated the professional development of Speed School students through practice interviews, and the hosting of more than 100 rotations of cooperative education experience.