Cook Medical, Inc.

The 2014 recipient for the Outstanding Industry Partner Award was Cook Medical, Inc. This award recognized Cook Medical’s key strategic partnership with Speed School in providing co-op and permanent employment opportunities for our students, critical input to improve the engineering quality and rigor of our curriculum, and its impressive contributions to the educational and research missions of Speed School.

Through its collaborations with our faculty, and its active participation in our cooperative internship program, Cook Medical has helped expose our students to cutting edge research, the means and methods of creating and protecting intellectual property, dissemination of research findings and the importance of pursuing graduate education. In particular, Mr. Don Rodda’s contribution as a member of the Bioengineering External Advisory Board has been crucial to the department successfully achieving ABET accreditation at both the Bachelors and Masters levels, and we appreciate his participation in the several ABET visits we have had over the past four years. Dr. Sean Chamber’s participation as a member of the Oversight Committee for the

Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Translational Partnership Program and his collaborations with faculty in the Department of Bioengineering have contributed greatly to our overall research mission by helping faculty to be more successful in the design development, manufacturing and commercialization of their proposed products.

Through these collaborations, our faculty have been able to bring in over $500,000 in additional research funding through the KSEF and SBIR programs.