Policies and Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

The purpose of the Brand Graphics Policy is to provide rules for coherent communication of the University of Louisville (UofL) brand.

Speed School Branding Guidelines (PDF)

University of Louisville Branding


Sponsorship Policy
UofL has a centralized sponsorship development program to create value for the institution and its community and also to safeguard the integrity of the UofL reputation and brand. OCM is the only department authorized to develop and execute sponsorship agreements and works in cooperation with the Department of Purchasing to monitor the sponsorship policy.

Crisis Communication Policy
The way the University of Louisville communicates in a crisis has a lasting impact on its reputation. As a publicly assisted institution, U of L is obliged to keep the public informed of its activities. Invariably, the news media act as powerful agents in this process.

Public Information Policy
This policy details how information about the university is announced to the public, the role of the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM), and each employee’s responsibility in the release of official information about the university or its positions. All units of the university are expected to follow this policy.

Digital Media Policy (includes web, social media and mobile)
Internal and external digital media policies for faculty, staff and students that are participating in social media for and in behalf of the university.