Faculty 180

Faculty 180 is the university-wide solution for collecting and reporting faculty/staff information. Faculty 180 is a replacement for Digital Measures and is managed by the University of Louisville Faculty Affairs Office in concert with Speed Technology Solutions. Some of the data for Faculty 180 is imported directly from the central data-management systems of the university these items include: Name/Preferred Name, Phone, Email, Degrees, Courses Taught, and Grants and Contracts.

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How To Guides

Faculty 180 is connected directly to the Speed School Website and you can directly change your Speed School Web Profile with Faculty 180. The how-to guides below provide details for how to make these alterations.

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Your Profile and Activities in Faculty 180
Faculty 180 has two main sections: Profile for personal and job related data and Activies for work performed on the job. Learn more about how these sections can be edited and the fields that will be imported from the university central data-management systems.

Change your Profile on the Speed School Website

You can can edit, add, and hide information on the Speed School Website by changing your data in Faculty 180. Each of the following videos show how to change that information.

Phone Number and Email
To change your email add a secondary email in Faculty 180.
To update your Work Phone you must change your personal information in ULink and then update your work phone in Faculty 180.

Personal Statement


Honors and Awards