Dear Speed School Graduates:

You are the first class of graduates to have experienced over a year of a global pandemic, something that those of use who are much older did not experience in our youth. This has forced you to be resilient to sudden and unexpected changes in your education and coop experiences. However, you have made it to the finish line and are about to embark upon your professional career or graduate school. This is an exciting time.

I personally have experienced both highs and lows in life. However, even the lows serve as educational experiences and provide wisdom for the future. As you embark on your next endeavor, let your negative and difficult experiences be seeds for positive and constructive growth. Turn your “lemons into lemonade.”

Finally, know that you are always a part of the Speed School family. We would like you to stay connected to us and we are looking for more ways to engage you as alumni. You witnessed and some of you participated in the inception of the Speed School Mentor Alliance as either mentees or mentors. As alumni, please consider being a mentor to our Speed School students.

I wish you great success in all your future endeavors. I am confident that you will represent Speed School and the University of Louisville well.

Warmest Regards,

Emmanuel Collins

Congratulations Graduates

Earning a bachelor degree in engineering from the University of Louisville takes dedication, determination, grit and resilience. A strong foundation paired with a hands-on learning approach to specialized disciplines and real-world work experience gained during three co-op rotations, prepares our engineers ready to enter the workforce full-time upon graduation.

Advanced Degrees

A master’s degree in engineering from the University of Louisville takes a student’s commitment to excellence one step further from academic achievement to mastery of the art and science of engineering. Exploration, research and connection to career and life goals no matter what discipline means experienced engineers working for our cities, environment, manufacturing, medical community, higher education, computer sciences and more. Upholding the Cardinal core principles by making a difference in the field and in communities from small to global is the trademark of a Speed School graduate.

Doctoral Degrees

PhD is the pinnacle of academic accomplishment and is highly regarded as a scholarly achievement in research. We salute these exceptional engineers and look forward to seeing how they change the world with their innovative research and ideas.