Mike Seale

Business, Entrepreneurial, and Community Career

After his last Electrial Engineering final in May 1970, Mike and his wife drove a rented U-haul to Akron, Ohio. He spent the next 15 years of his career with Babcock & Wilcox where he worked as an Industrial Engineer doing plant capacity studies and business development. Among his responsibilities, his work at B&W included equipping and opening a new plant in Irvine, CA where he lived for 4 years. In 1977 Mike and his family returned to Ohio, where he led a unit of B&W’s Central Purchasing Organization, followed by a transfer to the Nuclear Division where he became the program manager for B&W’s move into Solar Thermal Power technology. After demonstrating his talent and continued service, Seale was named to lead B&W’s Defense Business Development Group.

In 1986, Seale left Ohio for Minnesota where he spent the next 10 years. He held a position in the Defense Technology Business Development area of FMC Corporation, travelling nationally and internationally, while leading the company in robotics and gun systems development. In 1994, FMC Defense and Harsco Corporation merged to become United Defense, appointing Seale as Director of Defense Aftermarket. He led the successful effort to privatize the Louisville Naval Ordnance Station and in 1996 became the General Manager of the United Defense Louisville plant.

In 2002, Seale was appointed Vice President of Homeland Defense, where he focused on acquisitions and ventures. United Defense was acquired by BAE Systems in Louisville in 2005. Seale retired from BAE Systems in Louisville in 2007.

In addition to his career with United Defense, Seale became Chairman of a non-profit company in 2001. Innovative Productivity Incorporated was liquidated in 2010 and a new for-profit company called Louisville Solutions Incorporated was spun off. This company produced salt detection technology.

He has been married to his wife Judy for 50 years. They live in a Louisville Victorian Era House built in 1893. They have a son Jeffrey, who also lives in Louisville. Mike and Judy enjoy Louisville football and basketball, as well as international travel. In 2001, Seale was a part of a team who worked to bring the Vancouver Grizzlies NBA team to Louisville.

Seale is an active investor in public companies and private enterprises, and continues to support US House and Senate members who share his values.