John Commons

Two weeks after graduation, Donna Whitney (UofL A&S Grad) and I married and moved to Cincinnati. I started my career as a Sales Engineer with Leeds & Northrup Co., a manufacturer of process control equipment. Two and a half years later, I joined a manufacturing firm selling electrical equipment to the electric utility market.

During this time, Donna went back to school to get her Nursing degree and then her Masters in Nursing. She worked in a hospital and then taught Nursing a College of Mt. St. Joseph. I received my Masters in Business at Xavier, taking night classes, while working during the day.

In 1983, I purchased the rep firm from the founding owner upon his retirement at the age of 57; bought a home for renovation at 17% interest and had a third daughter. Yikes! The firm grew from three to twenty-one people by 2013, when I elected to sell the firm to the employees under an ESOP structure.

I have reduced my time and energy in the company, but it continues to grow and prosper. Donna and I moved to Greendale, IN to get away from our city life and be closer to our boat and river farm. I have volunteered some of my time to our small community in various roles and I have found very rewarding.

We are fortunate to have remained in good health and enjoy our kids and four grandkids.