Bob Brand

After securing an undergraduates and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bob Brand begana a brief engineering career, before transitioning over to the law school. From there, Brand had an enjoyable career as a corporate attorney mostly working in the fields of product liability and international product litigation, work that led him out of town. In 2010, he retired from Harley-Davidson Motor Company, a career that he recalls fondly, and moved back to Louisville.

“Harley-Davidson was a great place to work and provided a bunch of unusual opportunities like that,” said Brand.

Over the years, he enjoyed summer league softball and was blessed with many good friends. He enjoyed tennis and remained a super fan of UofL Sports. He admits that when looking back, he can hardly believe the course load that he took, noting with admiration his time with one stand out professor.

“Dr. Dressman was the best! He connected to me and my ME classmates on a real, regular guy level,” said Brand. “Not that the other profs weren’t great too. Just saying.”

Brand has built a number of memories over the years, including an opportunity to serve as the emcee to 100,000 Japanese motorcyclists through his role as the Harley-Davidson rep at the annual Mt. Fuji Blue Sky Motorcycle Festival in Japan.