Giving Back

The idea has been brought up as to how we can make a gift that is even more impactful by pooling our gifts into a Class gift that would be much larger and therefore more impactful.

Golden Reunion Gift Update – October 2019

As we have discussed in past Newsletters, we will be the first Golden Reunion Class to award a gift to Speed School.  After much discussion with the Dean, the Development office, and among Committee Members we have decided that the gift will be in the form of a Scholarship Endowment.  In an attempt to allow this endowment to grow even further our plan is to reach out to past Speed Golden Reunion Classes to see if they would like to participate as a founder of this Endowment, as well as encouraging future Golden Reunion Classes to participate.

To date we have received $123,000 in cash and pledges from 12 donors ranging in amounts from $1,000 to $25,000.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated, can be in the form of a one time or multi year pledge, and can be contributed to anytime in the future.  As stated before, nothing is expected but anything will be greatly appreciated.  It was very encouraging in reviewing the surveys of the 31 classmates that participated – 17 responded that they would participate, 5 said probably, and 7 said maybe.

After we establish the scholarship criteria after working with UL Development and Speed Admissions, we will share it with everyone.