Giving Back

The idea has been brought up as to how we can make a gift that is even more impactful by pooling our gifts into a Class gift that would be much larger and therefore more impactful.

We recently met with Dean Collins to understand his vision for Speed School and to see if there is a way our Class Gift could help with the vision.  Dean Collins pointed out how impressed he has been with Speed’s undergraduate program.  Regionally, Speed School is very well known with an outstanding reputation.  However because of the shortage and need for Engineers, for not only Kentucky, but also  nationally, his goal is to increase Speed School’s reputation more geographically than regionally by providing marketing outside our Region and by driving and increasing research.  This will increase Speed’s rankings among other Engineering schools and therefore increase enrollment.  The Dean feels that scholarships, especially for those outside our Region, would provide the most immediate impact.

As far as we know a Golden Reunion Class Gift has never been done for Speed School, or possibly for any of the other colleges at the University of Louisville.  This very well could be our Legacy with the possibility that not only future Speed School Golden Reunion Classes will follow our lead, but also possibly other disciplines like Law, Medical, Business, etc. could also.  This could be a huge idea that we will have initiated for the entire University.

After meeting with the Dean and discussions among ourselves, we seem to be leaning toward both a short term impact for Speed’s vision as well as establishing a long term endowment.  We are currently thinking of setting up a Speed School Golden Reunion Endowment in the amount of 50% of the amount that is contributed by the which other future Golden Reunion Classes can possibly add to it.   The balance of the 1970 gift can then go to immediate scholarships, for not only some Freshmen but, also possibly for Sophomores that are in need prior to starting Co-op.  There are many details that we will need to work out but I think that gives you an idea of what our Gift could provide.  In addition, our legacy will not only be the first Reunion Class to provide a gift and to hopefully set the bar for future Golden Reunion Classes, but also to establish an endowment that could significantly grow in the future.

If you are so inclined to be a part of a Class Gift that will be more impactful than an individual gift, please consider this option.  Keep in mind that although providing a onetime gift is an option, you could also easily pledge a multiyear gift in smaller amounts or pledge a gift in the future.  Here is a link will pre-select the class gift fund.  This will be a designated gift specifically to Speed from our Class and totally under our control as to how the funds are to be used.  Also other types of gifts are also acceptable, in the form of designation by will or trust, personal property and securities, and others.  If you are so inclined to contribute in this manner, feel free to contact Development (Chuck Cordt at ) to discuss the options available.

Thank you for any consideration that you give to supporting this Class Gift and that no gift will be too small or too large.