Travel Reimbursement Procedures

  1. The process is now online and all data will now be entered online in Peoplesoft by a proxy.
  2. Complete the Travel Expense Reimbursement Checksheet (PDF) and include it with your scanned receipts when submitting them to the Business Center (or to your Departmental Staff).
  3. The Travel Expense Report will be created online and you will receive an email with an active link for you to review and approve.
  4. Review and check the box “By checking this box, I certify the expenses submitted are accurate and comply with expense policy” and then the Submit Expense Report button. You will then be provided with a Submit Confirmation. Click on “OK” to submit.
  5. Your Travel Expense Report will then be routed to your direct supervisor for their review and approval.
  6. Once approved by the Supervisor, the Travel Expense Report will then be routed to the Business Center/Dean’s Office for chartfield/budget approval.
  7. Once approved in the Business Center/Dean’s Office, it will be routed to Accounts Payable for final review and processed.

Dean’s Office Travel Funds Policy (Limited Funds)

Through the generous donation of the Bernard A. Dahlem family in behalf of former Professor and Chair John E. Heer of the UofL Civil Engineering Department, the Dean’s Office offers Speed School of Engineering faculty and staff one travel event up to $1,000 per fiscal year for approved professional development activities. These funds can be used, for example, to present research accomplishments at conferences, attend important workshops, or participate in career development programs. To qualify for these funds, the traveler must obtain prior approval from both your department chair/supervisor and submit an email request to the Director of Finance, Todd Hoffmann. These funds can be used for associated expenses including lodging, registration, travel and food.  A faculty or staff member should first seek resources from their department chair or unit director before asking for Heer funds. Details of your travel request email  are outlined below.

  • A description of the event including location and dates of travel.
  • A statement as to how the event is related to the employee’s duties and responsibilities, mission of the department, and professional development.
  • An accompanying email from the department chair or direct supervisor that supports the travel as being “mission critical”.
  • The amount requested for registration, lodging, travel and meals (up to $1,000). Any additional costs over and above the $1,000 amount will have to be covered by another funding source.

International Travel

ALL International Travel must be pre-approved. Please fill out the required forms and provide the requested documentation to the Dean’s Office for approval. Once approved, the forms will be sent to the SPD Business Center for processing and further approval. Do not send any paperwork to the International Center. All paperwork will be uploaded in the Business Center at the time of your request.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the Business Center.

Click here to view the instructions for Out-of-the-Country Travel Authorization

Travel Forms

Please use a UofL email address when requesting a travel reimbursement.

General University Travel Information

University Travel Guide