Work Schedule and Policies

Hourly Employees and Student/Temporary Workers

Rest Periods*

  • A rest period of no more than fifteen (15) minutes is permitted during each work period of at least three and a half (3.5) hours.
  • Your supervisor may designate the rest period times.
  • Unused rest periods cannot be accumulated.
  • You may not use a rest period to cover a late arrival or an early departure.

Meal Periods*

  • Lunch breaks must be taken, unless you receive supervisor approval to skip it.
  • A lunch period will last for at least thirty (30) minutes.
  • You must take your lunch break no sooner than three (3) hours from the beginning of your shift and no later than five (5) hours.

Holiday Breaks

  • When the University is closed for a holiday and/or weather-related closures, staff (including student workers) are not to report to work.

Working When the University is Closed

  • If your department requires Essential employees to work when the university is closed, pre-approval from the Dean or VP (please contact Asst Dean for Finance/ LFO) must be granted prior to allowing non-exempt employees work during periods when the University is CLOSED.
    • For pre-approval, the supervisor must send the LFO a brief description of the “essential” work to be performed by the individual during break.
  • Working on any day the University is closed due to inclement weather is forbidden.

* See University of Louisville Human Resources policy PER 4.11.

Effective – 01/22/2018