Faculty Hiring Process

Step-by-step guide to initiation new faculty searches/hires

  1. Department Chair obtains permission from Dean to initiate search process and forwards copy of e-mail to Business Center and Todd Hoffmann.
  2. Dean’s Office will provide PCN to Business Center to begin the process in recruiting solutions (Job Search Requisition).
  3. Department Chair proposes the members of the Search Committee to the Dean for approval.
  4. Search Committee creates the ad to post on UofL Job Opportunities. The committee member names, ethnicity, and gender along with a copy of the APPROVED ad by the Dean is forwarded to the Business Center.
  5. Search Committee will let Business Center know if the position will be posted in other publications. If so, it is the Search Committee’s responsibility to post the outside ads.
  6. Business Center will initiate the search in PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions and notify HR / Employment Services.
  7. Search Committee will review applications and supplemental documents that have been downloaded, schedule and conduct interviews.
  8. Department Chair will ask permission of the Dean to make an offer to preferred candidate after receiving a majority vote from the faculty that the proposed candidate is acceptable.  No offer is made at this time.
  9. Chair of Search Committee notifies Business Center when the request to make an offer has been approved by the Dean. Department Chair will let the Business Center know who was interviewed, the date of the interview, type of interviews and a short statement on why the preferred candidate was chosen.
  10. Business Center will request authorization to extend the offer.
  11. Once HR has approved the offer, the Business Center will notify the Dean’s Office with the job ID.

Revised: 6/24/2021