Payroll and HR



Payroll Related Items

Policies & Procedures

  • Faculty Salary Policy
  • Faculty Hiring Process
  • Federal Work Study – When you accept a Federal Work Study Student, please complete the Personnel Action Form and send it to the Speed School Business Center along with an e-mail confirming that you have accepted a FWS. Please include a copy of the student’s Work Study Award Notice and also keep a copy of the Award Notice for your files. We will receive the original notice from the student when they submit their hire packet materials. The Department must submit the Department Hire Form (DHF) to the Financial Aid Office at the time time the student is hired. Click here to submit the DHF.
  • Foreign Nationals Information
  • New Staff Hires
  • Work Schedules and Policies
  • Student Assistants and Temp/Casual Wage Employees
    • Student Assistant – As a Student Assistant in Speed School (S26), you MUST be registered for classes each semester, half time or more, and CANNOT work more than 29 hours each week. Cooperative Interns (S26) may take ONE course.
    • Temp and Casual Wage Employee – As a Temp/Casual Wage Employee (T26), you CANNOT be registered for classes HALF TIME OR MORE.
    • Important Points to Remember for Both S26 and T26
      • A Criminal Background Check (CBC) is required. You CANNOT work until the CBC is approved by HR.
      • For first time employees, an I-9 is required and you CANNOT work until the I-9 is approved by HR.
      • Working for pay can only start after all paperwork is processed by the Payroll Office and you are active in Peoplesoft. You and your supervisor will receive an email from Business Operations when work can begin.
    • Timesheet Instructions
    • Hiring International Students
      • International students CANNOT work more than 20 hours during the Fall and Spring semesters. If your department is hiring an international student for a co-op position, please consult the International Center’s website prior to having the student report to work.