The Opportunity

Founded in 1925, the J.B. Speed School of Engineering has evolved over the years and reached a point where our growth has surpassed our existing capacity. Currently, our esteemed school is spread across eight buildings, accommodating a dedicated team of over 230 faculty and staff members. With an enrollment of over 2,700 undergraduate and graduate students, our classrooms and laboratories face limitations in space availability. The situation is exacerbated by the shortage of faculty and staff offices, leading to double or even triple occupancy. Moreover, the lack of designated student interaction and study areas further compounds these challenges. However, we see these obstacles as an exceptional opportunity for transformation and progress.

The $86 million 114,000-square-foot building will have four stories and feature several unique elements including:

  • Engineering Fundamentals 111 Instructional Lab & Maker Space
  • Engineering Garage
  • Engineering Innovation Studio Collaboration Hub (Competition Team Lounge, Huddle and Team Collaboration Room)
  • The “One-Stop” Student Success Reception and Study Lounge (concierge-type receiving area for student support departmental offices, including undergraduate affairs, graduate studies, admissions/outreach and career services)
  • Student Hub/ Student Lounge & Informal Study Areas
  • Large Active Learning Classrooms Cluster