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Shaping the Next Century of Engineering Excellence, Discovery, and Transformation

Celebrate a century of excellence in engineering education with the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville! As we prepare to commemorate our 100th anniversary in 2025, we embark on an exciting campaign to construct a state-of-the-art engineering building, poised to shape the next century of innovation and discovery. This ambitious endeavor aims to provide cutting-edge facilities and resources that will inspire the brightest minds to push the boundaries of scientific exploration. With world-class laboratories, collaborative spaces, and advanced technology at their fingertips, faculty and technology leaders of tomorrow will unlock new frontiers in engineering, driving progress in sustainable energy, biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, and beyond. Join us in shaping the future as we build upon a legacy of engineering excellence and forge ahead toward limitless possibilities. Together, we will continue to cultivate the engineers and leaders of tomorrow to transform the world through ingenuity and innovation.


Teresa Leezer, Senior Director of Development
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Building marks century of excellence at UofL's Speed School of Engineering

“This new building will be a game changer for student success, our cutting-edge research and more. We’re both dreamers and doers, and this new facility is a place for both.”

Emmanuel Collins, Dean of Engineering
New Building

Amplifying Their Potential
New hub for next-generation engineering education and research

"The dynamic and interactive nature of the building will encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling students to exchange ideas, learn from their peers, and develop essential teamwork skills," Emmanuel Collins, dean of engineering.


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Teresa Leezer
Senior Director of Development