Gupta and Williams Join Career Cohort for Ascending Star Fellows

June 2, 2022

 By Holly Hinson

 Two Speed School researchers have been named as part of the second cohort for the Ascending Star Fellows Cohort. The Ascending Star Fellowship provides mentorship, funding and other support to high-performing associate professors. The goal is to boost the national impact of the fellows’ scholarship, with a heavy focus on work in diversity, inclusion and community empowerment.

Dr. Gupta Gautam

Dr. Gupta Gautam

Dr. Gautam Gupta is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering. His research focuses on electrochemistry, bioencapsulation, wastewater treatment, and perovskite solar cells. Funding to support his research comes from a range of federal agencies and industrial sponsors, including NSF, NIH, DOE, EPRI and LG&E. Dr. Gupta has published extensively, has two patents, and has submitted another six research disclosures.

“This is an exceptional step in my career,” said Gupta. “We are trying to move forward to take things to market instead of just research,” he said. “Recognition can be a morale booster and this specific program drives us to achieve national recognition.”

headshot of Stuart Williams

Dr. Stuart Williams

Dr. Stuart J. Williams is Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering. His research expertise focuses on focuses on microfluidics, electrokinetics and colloid science, including tracing the unique “DNA” of whiskey.  Dr.  Williams’ formal  training  in electrospinning will  support   ongoing  research  efforts  at UofL, particularly at the Advanced Manufacturing  Institute  of  Science  &  Technology (AMIST), the Conn  Center for Renewable Energy Research (CCRER), and the Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC) and promote multidisciplinary, collaborative  teams to further advance the research missions of these centers, the Mechanical Engineering Department, and the University of Louisville.

“I’m really glad that University of Louisville is focusing on the development of mid-career staff because it can help with momentum when you are in this time of your life,” said Williams. “When I received word that I would be part of this cohort, I was excited about the resources,” he said. “I can visit labs I couldn’t do otherwise, which will help supplement ongoing activities to have a stronger foundation entering into this new research area.”

The UofL Office of Research and Innovation launched the program last year. To be considered for the program, faculty must be associate professor rank, nominated by their unit and show a “consistent record of scholarship with the passion and desire to achieve greater national recognition.”