Aerial Robotics Lab

The mission of the Aerial Robotics Lab at U of L’s Department of CSE is to develop emerging autonomous UAV and UAS technologies. By implementing advanced, networked embedded systems, we seek to create autonomous aircraft systems that can perform decentralized navigation and group decisionmaking through principles of mobile ad-hoc networking and advanced cooperative flight algorithms. This permits groups of autonomous aircraft to operate more efficiently and with aspects of security and fault tolerance, which increases the effectiveness of the distributed flight objectives. Through the use of low-cost, common off-the-shelf components (we are also seeking to use additive manufacturing as a fast way to implement new aircraft), we seek to empower emergency responders, provide new methods for ISR, and aid industrial UAV/UAS applications involving multiple aircraft, by supplying a capable, secure, and autonomous flight platform.

Current projects include: decentralized and distributed navigation, secure networking, multi-tiered embedded systems application, fault tolerance, and radio power management.

Contact Information:
Dr. Adrian Lauf
Lab location: Duthie Center Room 233

Research and Publication Data:


Datasets for “A Fuzzy-Based Machine Learning Model for Robot Prediction of Link Quality” (Lowrance, Lauf, Kantardzic)

  • PDF file explaining the robot used in this paper