Andrew Albrecht

When Andrew Albrecht took his first coding class in high school, he fell in love with it. He chose Speed School because it combined engineering with computer science, which to him are both about problem-solving.

Joey Breckenridge

Bioengineering student Joey Breckenridge wants to do research on lung diseases and disorders and hopes to one day find a cure. Here is his story.

Alex Bruns

Alex Bruns is an industrial engineering student who plans to give back by becoming a professor. Here is his story.

Derek Donnelly

Civil & Environmental Engineering major Derek Donnelly found his support system at Speed School. He was inspired to help others find their own support - so he became a Student Ambassador.

Anna Goestenkors

Bioengineering grad student Anna Goestenkors recently accepted a "dream offer" with the PhD program at Washington University in St. Louis -- and she says the support she received from Speed School helped her fulfill that goal.

Pinhao Guo

Computer Science and Engineering major Pinhao Guo is passionate about VR technology. He has been named the Outstanding Engineering Student for Fall 2019. Here is his story.

Katherine Hafendorfer

While taking college courses as a high school student, Katherine Hafendorfer fell in love with Chemical Engineering. Now she says she has many ideas for what she might do after school, and she loves that Speed School gives her so many options professionally.

Ryn Kalbfleisch

Speed School student Ryn Kalbfleisch has been honored as one of the New Faces of Civil Engineering by the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE). Here is Ryn's story.

Nevada Lomax

Civil & Environmental Engineering Major
Class of 2024

Liliana Martinez

Bioengineering major Liliana Martinez says the interactions during her campus visit were what sold her on Speed School, so she became a Student Ambassador to encourage other students to enroll.

Sarah Metzger

Chemical Engineering senior Sarah Metzger was named Speed School's 2021 Outstanding Student and Banner Bearer for May's commencement.

Mahad Mohamed

Mechanical engineering student Mahad Mohamed describes himself as a visual learner, so he enjoys all the hands-on experiences he's gotten at Speed School - whether it's through the co-op program or research opportunities!

Tanner Pitakis

"Big school, but a small-school feel." That's how mechanical engineering major Tanner Pitakis describes the Speed School atmosphere. As a student ambassador, he recommends that new students make good friends early in their journeys toward becoming engineers.

Luis Rodriguez

A campus visit convinced Luis Rodriguez to attend Speed School -- he says the atmosphere felt like home. Now a bioengineering student, he's made plenty of friends who help and support him in his goal to one day become a cardiologist.

Andrea Ruiz

Industrial engineering student Andrea Ruiz is interested in the human side of engineering. Here is her story.

Madison Russell

Madison Russell's favorite part of Speed School is the feeling of community among engineering students. She became a student ambassador to encourage others to find their home at UofL.

Keeley Slade

Keeley Slade says that Speed School's co-op program has helped her to figure what she wants to do after UofL. The promise of a bright future in engineering pushes her through any challenges that come her way as an industrial engineering major.

Kate Schneidau

Graduate research assistant Kate Schneidau is attracted to additive manufacturing because of its opportunity for growth and the freedom it has allowed her to build her own path.

Ainsley Tabor

Ainsley Tabor was originally a chemistry major, but after talking with engineering students about her future, she decided to take a tour of Speed School. The welcoming atmosphere led her to switch to Chemical Engineering -- and she says it's the best decision she could have made!

Sarah Taheri

Mechanical Engineering student Sarah Taheri was Speed School’s Spring 2019 Outstanding Student and delivered the student address at UofL’s afternoon commencement on May 11, 2019.

Hunter West

Hunter West always knew he wanted to be an engineer, and a campus visit convinced him to choose UofL. As a mechanical engineering major, he says the hands-on education at Speed School shows him how his degree is applicable to the real world.