ACT/SAT Test Optional

The Speed School of Engineering has developed a pathway for direct admission to engineering for incoming freshmen due to the lack of access to ACT or SAT, whether it be for the first time or for retesting. For an incoming freshman to be considered for admissions that elects for test optional the following criteria must be met:

  • GPA: 3.0
  • College Board’s Accuplacer placement exam in Mathematics

Accuplacer Testing

UofL’s Accuplacer Math is an untimed, computer-based test comprised of 3 test sections with 20 questions each (up to 60 questions total).

You will begin with the Arithmetic (ARTH) test.  If you score a 276 or higher, you will move on to the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra & Statistic (QRAS) test.  If you fall below this score, you will be finished with testing and your Individual Score Report will be available.

If you score at least a 276 on QRAS, you will move on to Advanced Algebra Functions (AAF).  If you fall below this score on the QRAS, you will be finished with testing and your Individual Score Report will be available.

Upon completion of the AAF test, your score report will be available for all 3 test sections.  You must score at least a 250 on the AAF to begin in the first engineering math class.

Study Guide Avaliable

Testing Options

Each option will first require an account registration with RegisterBlast.  You will be charged a $5 fee that allows you to register for any exam on our site for a full year – make sure you use the same email address each time you register for an exam.

Placement Criteria

Math CourseACTNew SAT IAccuplacerKYOTE
Gen 1030-18260-490ARTH: 200-262N/A
Gen 10419-36500-800ARTH: 263-30022-30
QR Courses outside of
(currently CJ326, GEOG 256,
PHST 200, PSYC 205)
19-36500-800ARTH: 263-30022-30
Math 105, 106
(QR: ARTH 111)
20-36520-800QRAS: 237-300N/A
Math 111
Supplemented Sections (40-46)
21-22530-550QRAS: 250-262N/A
Math 109, 111
Regular Sections (01-22,50,75+)
23-36560-800QRAS: 263-300N/A
Math 180, 19025-36590-800AAF: 250-300N/A
Math 20527-36640-800AAF: 276-300N/A

Note: Successful completion of Math 105 or QR courses outside of Mathematics/Engineering DOES NOT qualify a student for any higher numbered Math Courses  such as MATH 109, 111, 180, 190, etc.

Note: This table does not include QR courses in Engineering.

Note: Reading Accuplacer strongly recommended, but not required for admissions review.

Retest Policy

For Speed School Students Only

Students may take the Accuplacer Math test up to 3 times, as necessary. Students will pay the testing fee each time. If you decide to retake the Accuplacer, we highly suggest reviewing the practice content available through the study app.

ADA Accommodations

If you have received ADA accommodations such as reduced distraction, a reader or a scribe from U of L’s  (502-852-6938), please call our office BEFORE scheduling any exam.

The ACCUPLACER placement exams are UNTIMED, so no ADA accommodations are required for extended time candidates.