Algebra Proficiency Assessment Scores & Next Steps

Speed Calculus Preview Program

Students whose scores indicated that they would benefit from additional review are highly encouraged to participate in the Speed Calculus Preview Program. This program is endorsed by Speed School and has a proven track record of helping students reinforce essential algebra skills essential for your first Engineering math course. Only students who complete the course will be offered a second attempt at the APA.

  • The Speed Calculus Preview Program is a four-week (July 6-31), intensive review program designed to help incoming Speed School freshmen review the math skills and concepts needed for their first calculus course at UofL. Program participants will explore intermediate algebra and advanced algebra skills at their own pace with the assistance of an interactive online computer program and a program facilitator. Students who successfully complete the program will be better prepared for engineering calculus.

Additional information about the Speed Calculus Preview additional information can be found here.

APA Scores

During orientation, all students will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an engineering academic counselor. You can discuss any questions you may have at that time.