Algebra Proficiency Assessment

As part of the Speed School’s effort to position freshman engineering students for a successful first year, all entering engineering students will complete an Algebra Proficiency Assessment (APA).  Entering engineering students all have strong math abilities. However, because of the kinds of math classes many engineering students take in their junior and senior years in high school, it may have been several years since they worked with intermediate and advanced algebra topics.

Because those algebra topics are prerequisite skills expected in most engineering classes, Speed School offers two different first semester calculus courses for engineering students, one of which includes more opportunities to strengthen important algebra skills before moving to calculus topics.  The Algebra Proficiency Assessment is delivered using the MyMathLab platform and includes a practice assessment and a study plan, allowing students to identify and review topics before taking the actual proficiency assessment.

Insight into the Algebra Proficiency Assessment

Dr. Ralston, department chair and professor of Engineering Fundamentals, provides insight to the Algebra Proficiency Assessment.


March 15: Algebra Proficiency Assessment platform opens.

May 8*: Last day to take the Algebra Proficiency Assessment.

May 28 – July 1: University of Louisville Freshman Orientation sessions. For more information regarding your session dates or registration, please contact Orientation.

July 6 – July 31: Speed Calculus Preview Program

*Due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, Speed School has decided to extend the deadline to complete the APA and keep access to the APA open through orientation. However, you are strongly recommended to complete the APA prior to your virtual academic advising appointment, which will take place during summer orientation.


For more information regarding the Algebra Proficiency Assessment or questions that you may have, please contact the J.B. Speed School of Engineering Admissions Office at (502) 852-4672 or (502) 852-0399 or via email at