Since the Industrial Engineering MEng is accredited as part of a five-year program with one-year of co-op experience, it is only available for students who have matriculated through the Industrial Engineering bachelor degree program at J.B. Speed School of Engineering.


Two academic plans: traditional classroom format or entirely online.


Areas of Study: Engineering Management, Operations Research, Logistics/Supply Chain, Six Sigma and Lean, Data Analytics/Machine Learning, Human Factors/User Experience, and Advanced Manufacturing

Program Highlights

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Credit Hours. Complete 10 courses, chosen from a list designed to prepare you to apply engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors


Eight hours of graduate level courses taken as an undergraduate may be used to satisfy MEng degree requirements

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Program Outcomes

An IE degree will allow you to contribute at all levels of product or service innovation, from design inception to delivery to the end user. The depth and breadth of knowledge embedded in this degree will provide a boost to your professional career at a pace convenient to you. You will gain the expertise and skills needed to undertake higher responsibilities in your current role, rise up in your company, and/or pursue a new role in a growing area. UofL MSIE graduates have landed jobs at leading companies such as Tesla, Boeing, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, UPS, and eBay in positions including:

  • Operations engineer/manager
  • Supply chain analyst/consultant
  • Procurement engineer/manager
  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst/manager
  • Revenue management analyst
  • Health systems engineer
  • Process improvement engineer
  • Project manager