Program Summary

The University of Louisville (UofL) and Al Alamein International University (AIU) have entered into an agreement to enhance relations between the two universities.   The recently signed transfer agreement describes an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree partnership in which students will complete an undergraduate degree at UofL in a 2+2 program in either Bioengineering or Computer Science Engineering. The partnership is designed so that approximately half of the degree credit hour requirements can be completed through AIU and half through UofL.

For approximately the first half of the program, students may complete a designed set of course work while enrolled at AIU.  AIU and UofL have reviewed and tailored these course materials to facilitate an efficient transfer of credits between universities.

Generally, for the second half of the program, AIU students will apply to UofL and, if accepted, academically transfer to UofL for completion of their degree requirements in Louisville.  Upon acceptance into UofL, applicable and appropriate course credits earned while at AIU will be transferred to UofL and applied towards the current degree flight plan.  The course credits earned at AIU and transferred to UofL must adhere to strict UofL guidelines.  All AIU courses used as transfer credits to UofL, will be reviewed and must be approved by UofL.

After the students have been accepted into UofL and their transfer credits are applied to their degree flight plan, the students will continue their academic progression as UofL students.  Students may complete degree requirements through in person, online or other UofL sponsored course formats as are available and consistent with UofL policy.   While students are enrolled in UofL classes, the students will be responsible for all tuition and fee payments due to UofL.

Qualified AIU students who are admitted to UofL will pay the tuition and fees as outlined by the UofL Office of the Bursar for international students with the following exceptions:

  1. Admitted AIU students under this Agreement will be charged the equivalent of in-state resident tuition rate for all courses taught by the JB Speed School of Engineering, and
  2. For all other courses taught by other academic units within UofL, such students will pay 65% of the non-resident tuition rate.

All other fees will be charged at the prevailing rate according to the current standard fee schedule. When students are on the UofL campus, additional fees may be required by UofL; including, but not limited to, application fee, housing application fee, program fees and course fees, and the international student fee. Any fees, transportation, living expenses, health insurance, medical costs, food and/or any required meal plan, housing, books, and other study cost are to be borne by the students.