AIU Transfer Undergraduate Admissions

What makes a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville so special? It starts with our Areas of Study:

Each of these degree programs is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET.

Transferring to the University of Louisville

General transfer application requirements when transferring to Engineering BS degree programs

Students transferring from AIU to UofL as part of this program will generally have more than 24 credit hours of academic work. As such, part of the admissions requirements are:

  • Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.8 based on the courses transferred into UofL for academic credit.
  • Students must have successfully completed courses equivalent to AIU’s MAT 111/112 and CHE 111.

Application Checklist

Students intending to transfer from AIU to UofL must complete the standard transfer application at the link below.  Information may be uploaded to your application in stages and applications will remain in a “pending” status.  Applications will not be reviewed until all application materials have been received.

  • Create an application account at the following link: UofL’s Take Flight Application.
    • For students transferring from AIU under this program, the Application Type will generally be: TRANSFER STUDENT
    • You are NOT applying to an online program
    • Your classification level when you last attended college would likely be equivalent to a UofL Sophomore (30 – 59 semester hours)
  • Log into your application account and provide the following:
    • $25 non-refundable application fee (U.S. dollars)
    • Academic records from all the secondary schools, universities, colleges or professional schools attended
    • Proof of English proficiency

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

The Office of Transfer Services evaluates transfer credit and academic units advise about courses needed for degree completion after the student has been admitted to the University of Louisville. Transfer work that is college-level, academic in nature and earned at appropriately accredited programs will be accepted and posted as credit earned (i.e., with no grade).  The School of Engineering requires a minimum “D” grade for any transferred course to be accepted as credit toward a degree.

A transfer student must earn at least sixty (60) semester hours applicable toward the baccalaureate degree in a fully accredited four-year program at a college or university. Students earning baccalaureate degrees are required to complete at least 25 percent of the total credit hours required for the degree at the University of Louisville.  Students earning baccalaureate degrees are also required to complete 30 of their last 36 semester hours at the University of Louisville.

For more information regarding transfer coursework evaluation, please contact an admissions counselor

Computer Requirement

Undergraduate and transfer students at the J. B. Speed School of Engineering are required to have a mobile computer with an active digital pen meeting the minimum specifications at the link below. Graduate students should have a laptop.

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