2+ 2 Undergraduate Degrees

The University of Louisville (UofL) and Al Alamein International University (AIU) have entered into an agreement to enhance relations between the two universities.   The recently signed transfer agreement describes an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree partnership in which students will complete an undergraduate degree at UofL in a 2+2 program in either Bioengineering or Computer Science Engineering. The partnership is designed so that approximately half of the degree credit hour requirements can be completed through AIU and half through UofL.


Half of the classes from UofL faculty; half from AIU faculty.


Two years of study in Egypt, two in USA at UofL

Agreement with Egypt opens engineering field to more students

“I am excited about this new partnership with AIU. It provides Speed School with the opportunity to experience an influx of students from a growing region of the world and have fruitful cross-cultural fertilization with our partners in Egypt.”

Emmanuel G. Collins, Dean