Welcome from Mechanical Engineering Dept. Chair

headshot Kevin Murphy

Dr. Kevin Murphy

Dear Students, Alumni, and Friends:

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Louisville.  M.E. is the academic home to approximately 600 students and 21 faculty members.  We are also the academic ancestral home to a large alumni base of outstanding engineers and scientists world-wide.

These are exciting times for the Speed School and the M.E. Department.  For example, the Commonwealth has invested $86M in a new engineering building, which is scheduled to open in December, 2025.  M.E. was awarded $1M for a new endowed chair position in energy storage; we are working with the university foundation to secure supplemental endowment funding for this position and a search for that professor is anticipated for 2025.  Drs. Quesada and Williams received UofL Distinguished Faculty Awards for service and teaching, respectively.  Drs. Chitalia and Narayanan received the prestigious Ralph Powe Award from Oakridge National Labs and Dr. Wang received an NSF CAREER award.  And these are just a few quick highlights!

We enthusiastically look forward to a bright future for Mechanical Engineering, as our program grows and we continue to graduate excellent engineers while making important contributions in fundamental and applied research.  Take some time to look around our website for more information or, if you’re in Louisville, please drop by.  I look forward to hearing from you, as we work toward the goal of being the premiere metropolitan research university.

Kevin D. Murphy

Professor and Chairman
April, 2024