Industrial Engineering

Speed School is the only place in the commonwealth of Kentucky where you can study Industrial Engineering. We offer BSIE, MSIE (on campus and online), MEngEM (online only), and PhD. The three required Co-ops in the BSIE program provide students needed practical experience to help them bridge theory and practice. The unique Accelerated Pathway allows receiving both BS and Master’s degrees in <5 years. Two online graduate programs (MSIE and MEngEM) allow working professionals acquire advanced training and grow in their career. Merit-based scholarships are available in all programs to help offset educational costs.

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Our Students

"Industrial engineers make things more efficient. That could be in so many different ways. Healthcare industry, finance industry, supply chain management, manufacturing -- the possibilities are endless."

Chloe Holtshouser, Industrial Engineering
Our Faculty

“What I find most exciting about Industrial Engineering is that it is everywhere. Every problem, every system, every industry, can benefit through the inclusion of an Industrial Engineer. The applications are endless, which makes the problems so interesting!”

Dr. Erin Gerber, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

A degree in Industrial Engineering opens doors to high-tech careers in process management, logistics, and the design of large-scale systems like factories, hospitals, or even theme parks! As an Industrial Engineering student you will learn how organizations operate, learn to design and improve complex systems, and study manufacturing for product realization and production. Upon graduation you can apply your skills across any industry while leveraging the inside track to management roles as you work with people.

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