T2E Program

Transition to Engineering (T2E) is a recently initiated program with the goal of increasing the number of baccalaureate engineering students in Kentucky. To achieve this goal the program provides:

  1. ongoing support and training for engineering teachers in program affiliated high schools,
  2. interaction between Kentucky high school students and engineering faculty at Kentucky universities, and
  3. allows high school students in the program to earn engineering credit at Kentucky Universities.

Teacher Training

When a high school joins the program, the engineering teacher at that school attends a summer training program provided by the University Partners. The training session is led by engineering faculty and provides an orientation to the provided engineering curriculum and T2E program components.

Engineering Curriculum

T2E schools use engineering curriculum developed by the University partners to assure consistent levels of rigor and to assure that engineering credit can be awarded when students attend a Kentucky university.  In addition to receiving engineering content instruction, students in the T2E program identify, complete, and present the results of a hands-on project they complete over the course of the entire school year.

Teacher Support

Each summer T2E teachers from the past year attend a summer workshop where they meet with other T2E teachers and Engineering faculty from Kentucky Universities.
Classroom visits by engineering faculty – Engineering faculty from Kentucky Universities visit T2E schools in the fall and the spring, engaging with students, answering questions and giving feedback to students about their projects.

On Campus Event for Students

In the fall students in T2E schools visit a Kentucky university campus, have lunch with the engineering faculty, where they discuss their T2E capstone design projects, getting input and feedback from a variety engineering faculty.    In the spring T2E students make a second campus visit to a Kentucky university to present their projects.

Engineering Credit at Kentucky Universities

Students in the T2E program take a final exam at the end of the school year.  Provided they are calculus ready and pass the final exam, students receive college credit for introduction to engineering at Kentucky Universities participating in the program.