Zurada received an Honorary Doctorate from Poland's CIT

ECE Professor Dr. Jacek M. Zurada received an Honorary Doctorate (HC) from Czestochowa Institute of Technology (CIT) in Poland. With about 12,600 students taught by 840 professors with PhD degrees, CIT is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Poland. Dr. Zurada has been with UofL since 1981, and this distinction, along with his service to IEEE worldwide, adds to the international visibility of the University.

The HC degree was awarded for Dr. Zurada’s fundamental discoveries in the field of neural networks and machine learning, better known today as artificial intelligence. Through publication of numerous books, papers, plenary conference lectures, Distinguished Speakers Programs and editorial efforts as Editor-in-Chief in IEEE, Elsevier and Springer, he has made distinguished impact on the field of AI. He has been credited with important accomplishments which continue to have lasting technical and societal impact. His current citations by Google Scholar exceed 16,500.

He has contributed to the field of AI through authoring a ground-breaking textbook considered pioneering by many. Dr. Zurada’s other contributions to AI cover algorithms and tools for business, biomedicine and computer vision and expert systems for drug dosing prediction. He developed sensitivity concepts leading to explanation capabilities that have been used for fraud detection, as well as in factor and feature analysis in business and engineering.  By building intelligent models of patients’ responses to the drug dosing for anemia disease patients, he has contributed to modeling of individual renal dialysis patients.