A Message from River City Rocketry  

The past weekend was a monumental moment for the team. We just launched and recovered a competition rocket for the first time in almost three years! A huge THANK YOU for being part of making it happen! There were mistakes, which is to be expected when no one on the team had launched this size of rocket before (good that we got the first launch out of the way now rather than at competition) but overall, all the important parts were recovered, and we learned a ton that we will be using to modify designs and procedures in preparation for competition in three weeks.

Height: ~14 ft Weight: 83 lbs. Max Speed: ~Mach 1.01 Max Altitude: 11,004 ft (about 3.35 km) We should now have more than enough funds to make it through competition. Please enjoy the launch day pictures and video attached, as well as our full Technical Report for those interested. The huge-rocket-launching drought is over, and we are back in business. Onwards to New Mexico!!! Video Link

River City Rocketry is 100% supported by donations from the community. If you are interested in sponsoring the team financially, please contact Jane Duncan for more information.