The University of Louisville’s EPSCoR KAMPERS team recently completed year 1 of a 5 -year, $24 million grant, awarded by the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) to a team of 8 Universities in our state. The UofL portion of the project is over $6M and is directed by Dr. Dan Popa, Director of the Louisville Automation & Robotics Research Institute (LARRI).

The project, titled the Kentucky Advanced Partnership for Enhanced Robotics and Structures (or KAMPERS), is focused on the fundamental science needed to advance next generation robotics and manufacturing technologies. Research in this project spans synthetic biology, 3D printing and the emerging field of printed electronics, with the goal of revolutionizing the robotic manufacturing infrastructure, medical assistive robots, prosthetics and consumer products.

Researchers in UofL’s KAMPERS team include a group of 11 faculty from Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science and Bio Engineering at Speed School, and two faculty from the Biology from the School Arts & Sciences. They have involved a group of 11 Ph.D. students, 5 undergraduate researchers and 5 postdoctoral associates in their research activities supporting the following project goals:

  • Create new printable materials to embed sensing, logic, and input/output capabilities into structural components.
  • Develop electronically enabled devices with integrated sensors, logic, power generation and storage, and reliable means of feedback to human operators supporting assistive and decision-making processes.
  • Advance complex software to facilitate both autonomous activity and interactions with human operators.