Electrical & Computer Engineering

Our department is committed to education and technology that has real-world impact. Through our research and experiential learning methods, our students will contribute to – and drive – economic development of the Louisville area, Kentucky, and the nation as a whole.

With an Electrical & Computer Engineering Degree from Speed School you will innovate and enhance state-of-the-art technologies. Through groundbreaking research and experiential learning, our students helped design smaller and more powerful processors, transceivers for drones, jamming-resistant wireless communications, and other technologies that make a real-world impact.

Our Students

“My co-op rotations allowed me to gain experience in aspects of Engineering that no class or professor could ever truly prepare me for, including how to work successfully with others to create solutions that work."

Kaleb Bryum, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Our Faculty

“Our students work hard on all aspects – both simulation and experiments. I think it speaks well for our students' dedication to research and for the quality of engineering graduate programs here at Speed School.”

Dr. Dan Popa, Electrical & Computer Engineering

A degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering opens doors to specialized careers in aerospace, electronics, and technology – jobs that permeate every aspect of our lives.

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