CEE Scholarship Application


One scholarship will be awarded for the upcoming academic year. Applicants must meet all of the requirements set forth for consideration by the appropriate members of this scholarship; the requirements are listed below. All required information must be submitted in this application for it to be considered complete. Completed scholarship applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM EST on March 8th. If this application requires additional documentation to be submitted please attach a digital copy to this form.

Scholarship Information:

The applicant must be a full-time student in a CEE program next academic year. The applicant must submit an unofficial transcript reflecting all grades up through the previous fall semester.

  • Kentucky Section American Society of Civil Engineers Scholarship ($750 to $1,000)
  • Hazelet & Erdal (CEE seniors only, 1 award, $2,700 each)
  • Steven V. Bilyeu (CEE sophomore or higher, 1 award, $840)
  • Schoettler (any CEE undergraduate,  2 awards, $1,850 each)
  • Outstanding Undergraduate (1 award, $1,000)
  • Outstanding Graduate (1 award, $1,000)
  • Wittenberg Scholarship (1 award, $500)
  • LECGI Scholarship (1 award, $1,500)
  • Donald S. Bornstein Scholarship (1 award, $500)

CEE Scholarship Application

Please complete the form below to apply for a Civil & Environmental Engineering Scholarship. You will be notified if you are selected.

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  • Please indicate the area within graduate studies you are planning on focusing in:
  • Please provide an explanation of financial need, your plans for continuing formal education (including dates) and your short-term and long-term goals as a Civil Engineer:
  • Please list any extracurricular activities you are active in:
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