Faculty Research

Omid Ghasemi-Fare, Ph. D.

Expertise- Energy geotechnics, Geothermal energy, Pore fluid flow in porous media, Computational Geomechanics, Unsaturated soil mechanics, Ground improvement methods

Mark French, Ph. D., PE

Expertise- groundwater, pipe and channel hydraulics, hydrology, water supply and water treatment, Director for Center for Environmental Engineering (within UofL Envirome Institute, http://enviromeinstitute.com/)

Young Hoon Kim, Ph. D., PE

Expertise- Bridge engineering, structural dynamics, structural reliability, composite materials for construction

Robert Kluger, Ph. D., PE

Expertise- Expertise – Connected Vehicle Infrastructure, Smart Cities, Data-Driven Traffic Safety, Asset Management

Richard Li, Ph. D.

Expertise- Connected and automated transportation infrastructure, transportation infrastructure management and air quality, human factors in transportation infrastructure geometric design, information technology applications in transportation infrastructure safety, intelligent transportation systems.

W. Mark McGinley Ph. D., Endowed Chair in Infrastructure Research, PE

Expertise- materials, structural system design, structural and material testing, structural health monitoring, energy efficiency and sustainable holistic design.

JP Mohsen, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Expertise- Non-destructive evaluation of buildings and pavement infrastructures, forensic analysis, Design and construction of pavements.

Art Parola, PhD, PE

Expertise- Restoration of stream and wetland systems in built environments; assessment of environmental impacts and mitigation of impacts to aquatic resources; use of hydrodynamic and sediment transport models for design of infrastructure in riverine environments; monitoring methods for stream and wetland mitigation. Dr. Parola specializes in design of stream-wetland systems, riverine mechanics, and sediment transport. He has partnered with state transportation agencies and state and federal environmental agencies on stream restoration projects requiring complex riverine modeling including two-dimensional hydrodynamic and sediment transport analysis. He also has extensive experience with urban restoration and has designed best management practice approaches for urban outfalls, bridges/culverts, and other infrastructure.

Tom Rockaway, Ph. D., PE

Expertise- urban infrastructure, water and waste water operations, distribution systems, foundations, soil mechanics, earthquake engineering, instrumentation and monitoring

Zhihui Sun – Chair CEE, PhD

Expertise- recycled materials, multifunctional materials, biomass wastes, deterioration modeling, non-destructive testing